The Before

This time around, my parents generously paid for the most expensive birthday gift ever (Thank youuu Mama Abah!).

Brace yourself for….

My new set of BRACES!

Heh heh heh.

(attempt to scare off potential suitors)

So fugly right????

My right upper canine has always stuck out like an oversized fang, forcing me to find the right angles whenever I camwhore for it to not look so awkward. And it’s even harder to clean after meals as food will always be stuck near those narrow spaces. So all things considered, I figured out that now is the time for me to get that perfect million dollar smile. Cewah.

My (long and painful) orthodontic journey began some 2 months back, when I had the initial check-up and X-rays at a private orthodontist clinic in my hometown. Fast forward few weeks later, I had 4 tooth extracted (which was a relatively painless procedure, contrary to popular belief) and last week I finally got those metal brackets installed.

Suffice to say, it took me away from the 2 things I do besteating and talking. Damn! Last weekend I went for lunch at Tony Roma’s with some friends, and I could only watch them binge on meat while I consumed mushroom soup with some bread. HOW TORTURING! But I’m okkkkay now, so y’all can already belanja me steaks and whatnot hehehe (Farah you still owe me a birthday treat!).

I get a lot of different reactions regarding the braces. Some said it’s kind of cute (uhuk, I BEG TO DIFFER!) but some straight up said it’s ugly (HENG, I SINCERELY HOPE YOU DIE A SPINSTER. HUH). Mind you I’m currently posted in Psychiatry, so the patients would always make fun of my braces! During interviews, they would stare at my teeth and said aloud “Eeiiii ade besi kat gigii!!!“. Itu sungguh tak kelakar ok. Kejiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Now that I’m officialy “The Before“, promise me you guys will still love me no matter how fugly I look ok??? PROMISEEE! Check this space in 2 years time for “The After” picture LOL!



  1. hani said

    gaga keji la mereka di psy word itu

  2. nana said

    IT IS CUTE![bukan nak bodek tau!]
    ppl with braces have some kind of *GLOW* around them.
    I’ve been around the gigi besis since high school n kind of envy them since then.
    boleh tak nak pakai braces for the sake of having THE GLOW?
    huhuhu 😛
    the best part is u get to accessorize them once in month!
    silalah request untuk letak getah warna-warni ye..;)

  3. haha. tulah. nanti i blanje u makan dinner after gym this wednesday. okay?? huhuhu 😀 then u can menikmati dgn bestnye heeeee

  4. nani said

    hahaha aku suka siot baca post ko yg ni.dah pakai gigi besi siot.

  5. ainkarim said

    huhu..ayumin, ko sudah pakai braces??
    xde la burok pn pakai braces ni..(hehe..saje nk sedapkn diri sdri sbb prnh pakai braces)..
    xpe pe la, 4 da time being sabo la..
    tggu few years, mst kau akan bangge ngan gigi kau sndri..
    hahah..aku bangga dgn gigi aku skrg..

  6. mimi said

    xpe. be waiting for The After. worthwhile punyelaaaah..
    hehe. Love you still, forever will. 🙂

  7. ayumin said

    hani : diorang memang keji.

    nana : THE GLOW? More like glow from besi tu ade la hahaha. Tanak warna-warni, you knowlah how boring I am, 😛

    Farah : After gym? Oi oi refrainnnnnnnn. Penat2 workout. Nanti kena kutuk dengan Prasath haha

    nani : Yes, bergigi besi sudah..kau bila lagi?? (eh ko perlu ke pun, tak kan?)

    ainkarim : Tak sabar nak tunggu saat berbangga tuuu!

    mimi : The After wahahahaha. Love you too!

  8. fabz_fabregaz said

    gah gah gah~
    gelak guling2 agu tgk gg gau
    jgn magha sis ayu
    nnti x dpt gg canteeek

  9. kim said


    tahniah ade gigi besi..huehuehue.bleh laa blaja bersabar ye…b’susah2 dolu, b’lepak2 kemudian…

    but I think ur ‘fang’ tu gives (ke gave?? da hilang ke?) lots of impression – Ayu’s impression..huehuehue

  10. ayumin said

    fabz_fabregaz : damn yewww. nanti dah cantek merasalahhh

    kim : I know right! Etot pun cakap camtu. But I’d rather be without the fang lah. Too fugly to handle!

  11. NK said

    dude.i think its pakai braces senyum xtra comel.

    sory we ate ur food too in tony roma’s =)

  12. gwe datang dr NH. haaah. ape tue. owh. takpe. next candidate tok replace ugly betty. gud luck taw!

  13. […] this? Ah well, three long years have passed and I am now officially brace-free! Gigi besi, no […]

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