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The Best Friend, this is for you. 🙂

“Once the queen’s dead the king’s useless.”
“What’s that about?”
“I don’t know, maybe he’s too depressed to fight. He really loved her y’know.”
“Yeah, I can see that.”
“My queen to yours. Checkmate.”

Indahnya, Subhanallah…



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Tee Hee

Feels good to be on top, innit? Tee hee.

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ayumin’s Guide to Psychiatry

  1. Building rapport with a patient takes a lot of time, as they might be a little hesitant to spill out information about themselves. You might want to take it slow and just be patient.
  2. Patients will be easily-distracted, so keep your questions on track and get them to concentrate. Remember, we only have ONE friggin hour during the exam to clerk a patient!
  3. Be prepared to defend yourself, or at least scream for help, because some Schizophrenic patients will try to, err, sexually-harass you. Far too many of my friends have been unwillingly hugged and kissed by the patients.
  4. You’ll get a LOT of marriage proposals, and please be prepared with strong counteracts because they just won’t take NO as an answer. Very persistent, this lot.
  5. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT be TOO friendly with your patients. They tend to be clingy after a while, and it makes interviewing other patients much harder.
  6. If they ask you for phone calls, or cigarettes, DO NOT give in! Taktik kotor patients : Kalau awak nak interview saya, bagi rokok sebatang/ telefon family saya dulu.
  7. Some patients can be a real eye candy and downright charming. Handsome gilaaaa, tapi sayang gila. Haihhhhh melepas mak.
  8. If you’re fortunate in the looks department, be prepared to be envied by some female patients. They’ll bitch about you and scrutinize your every flaw.
  9. Be prepared to listen to married couples fighting about tinyyyyyyy weeeeny stuff eg: who should get takeouts for dinner, who should turn the radio off, etc etc. Eeeek! If all marriages end up like that, I don’t know if  I’m ever going to commit blergh.
  10. Drug addicts make the best teachers! Grab the opportunity to listen to their drug usage experiences and you’ll be amazed at how smart these people actually are.

Anyway, I’m done with my psychiatry posting! It was one heck of an emotional roller-coaster ride, so I’m just glad that I managed to last through 8 weeks. Trust me you’ll be superdrained as all you do all day is talk talk talk and listen listen listen.

But it is very rewarding when a patient says thank you, for listening to their stories and somehow making their day. 🙂

To the patients, I thank you all for the great learning experience. May I become a better person, if not a better doctor in the future Insya-Allah.

And hopefully I will pass my exams! AMIN.

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