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I have survived 5 major exams in the last 10 months, and yes baby, I’m about to enter 5th (and hopefully FINAL) year of medical school soon!

Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll be flying off to Kuching in a few hours to do my elective attachment in Sarawak General Hospital for 6 weeks. Anyone within 200km radius of Kuching is very much welcomed to take me out for some Mee Kolok/Laksa Sarawak!

Hehe kinda excited coz I’ve never been to that part of the world yet. I’ll be doing some travelling around Borneo as well, so do wait up for pictures of Proboscis monkeys and Orang Utans soon.

This will actually be the longest time that I’ll be away from home ever since I left STF. Just one of the perks of attending a Uni an hour away from home I guess.  So I’ll definitely miss my KL home, my Banting home, and especially my friends (everyone’s jetting off to faraway places for their electives – Labuan, Sandakan, Bintulu, UK, Taiwan and even Kenya!).

Kampung Baru
View from my hostel room in Kampung Baru. We’re moving out next year! 😦

I’m going to miss this view, too.  Sigh. And all things Kampung Baru. (read : glorious Malay Kelantan and Siam food)

Off to pack now.
Take care guys.


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I don’t do emo so well, I guess.

Post Secret

Pic from PostSecret

I’m A-OKAY peeps. Thanks for the concern. 🙂 And no, it wasn’t a boy problem. HAHA.

Now please please ramai-ramai doakan saya dan kawan-kawan lulus peperiksaan akhir tahun 4 ini so that kami boleh melangkah masuk ke Tahun 5 dan bergraduat menjadi tabib-tabib yang kompeten. Amin.

(Oh have I told you that I actually love Paediatrics? Hehe. Maternal instincts wtf. More on this, later.)

Off to me books now. Bye.

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Again, I have fallen into that deep, dark pit. The one I once swore to never re-visit, ever again. Few moons ago was enough, or so I said.

Just how did I get here again?

There is a way out, of course. There always is.

But I somehow can’t be arsed to even look up and find the exit to this malicious torture.

Have I fallen so far down that I have been conditioned to not even (try to) save what is left of me?

And all these while, I thought I was made of stronger stuff.

Let me heal for a little longer now loves. This heart needs some serious mending.

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