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Raya Sunday Secret

One day, I might just do that too.

Don’t get me wrong. I am beyond grateful to NOT have refractive error, but I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to have glasses on. Heh.


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As of now.


I’ve totally abandoned this space for the past couple of weeks! Hehe. But I regularly tweet my random thoughts as evident by the Twitter widget (lihat kanan), so check that out if y’all wanna know what I’ve been up to (gaya macam laa ada orang yang kisah, ceh). Awesome invention, Twitter is.

So final year of medical school had been a smooth ride so far. I’ve just completed 8 weeks of internal medicine and loved every minute of it! Patient load for teaching was more than adequate in HKL and our medical lecturers were SUPER nice and helpful towards us student doctors. Oh yes, we now call ourselves student doctors/doctors in-training/doktor pelatih as opposed to the usual “medical student” title. The responsibility that comes with the word “doctor” somewhat drives us to perform better because after all, we’re about to become doctors in like, 8 months’ time?

Shit. Time really does fly.


Anyhoots, I’m now back in the nuthouse for 2 weeks and after that it’ll be general surgery for a week and then it’s time for Raya holidays! YEAY! Syawal this year is extra special because 2 of my closest girlfriends, Wanny and Wawa are getting engaged and on top of that, my dear sister’s getting married! There’s also a trip down south with STF girlfriends for Wajihan’s wedding and a possible Singapore trip afterwards. Woohoooo. Can’t wait!

Apa lagi eh.

Ahh yes, Arsenal has had quite a brilliant start this season eh? Vermaelen, who is our only new signing looked pretty solid at the back so far. I feel that we’re still pretty sloppy in midfield though and our strikers have yet to make an impact. The 2-1 defeat to United last week was harsh too (I fully blame Diaby and Almunia for it) but hey, it doesn’t  make or break our season. Hopefully we’ll become a better team this year and let’s bag home some silverwares to add to the trophy cabinet. COME ON YOU GOONERS I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Anyway, I’m generally contented with what I have and where I am right now. 🙂 Life’s been pretty much same old same old, but I’m actually fine with that. There will be more challenges ahead and many things to look forward to in the coming months, so hopefully all will be well. Insya-Allah.

Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone.


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