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Random weeps.

“Every woman on the street constantly tells me that I have the perfect husband. Gaby says that she wishes Carlos was thoughtful like you. Susan wishes Mike has your sense of humour. Bree said she’s never seen a better dad.

How many people go up to you and tell you that you have the perfect wife?

For almost 20 years, all I’ve heard is how incredibly lucky I am to have a guy like you. So, if I don’t constantly brag about how great you are, it’s only because I don’t want to be reminded of how much I don’t deserve you.”

Lynette Scavo, Desperate Housewives 709

Tom and Lynette FTW! Never fails to make me sob uncontrollably even after 7 seasons.

I wanna be 40, raising 5 children while juggling a career, and STILL be in love like these two are.

My Tom Scavo is at work, and I miss him.


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Living the life.

Yes, I’m alive. 🙂

So I survived my first 4 months of being an intern. Had my own set of challenges – being in a new city, managing my own finances, adapting to a life full of responsibilities and dealing with people plus all the drama that comes with em. Pfft. Working as a doctor is a TOTALLY different ball game from medical school and even with pre-planted ideas of what housemanship would be like, I had no idea it was gonna be this hard.


But yeah I survived my first posting which was Surgery. And here I am, entering my first month in Paediatrics, which is also a totally different ball game from Surgery which I tremendously enjoyed. Still learning my way around the subject, and hopefully by the end of 4 months I’ll be able to come out competent and safe. Bebehs and adik-adik, please be kind to your poor doctor here. Thank you.

Anyway, I haven’t been exploring Sarawak as much as I wanted to due to my limited holidays and my preference to spend my day-off in bed, doing absolutely NOTHING. Il bel far niente, gituu. Took me 4 months before I decided to get my butt to Damai the other day for a leisurely stroll at the beach. Apadaaaa. But what’s the rush, I have two years here so one beach/cave/national park/city at a time lah kan. Hehe.

So yeah, I’m living the life. As it is. Everyday is a new challenge so nak tak nak I just have to go through with it. I will usually burst into tears every single time before I go on-call, feeling depressed and all (kesian Fattah kena layan semua ni haha) but once it’s over and done with I’ll be glad that I actually did something for my patients. 🙂

And then I’ll pray hard that I won’t get screwed, eat something (fattening and) nice, and just sleep it off. Hehe.

Sekian saja. Esok lusa tulis lagi.

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