Living the life.

Yes, I’m alive. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I survived my first 4 months of being an intern. Had my own set of challenges – being in a new city, managing my own finances, adapting to a life full of responsibilities and dealing with people plus all the drama that comes with em. Pfft. Working as a doctor is a TOTALLY different ball game from medical school and even with pre-planted ideas of what housemanship would be like, I had no idea it was gonna be this hard.


But yeah I survived my first posting which was Surgery. And here I am, entering my first month in Paediatrics, which is also a totally different ball game from Surgery which I tremendously enjoyed. Still learning my way around the subject, and hopefully by the end of 4 months I’ll be able to come out competent and safe. Bebehs and adik-adik, please be kind to your poor doctor here. Thank you.

Anyway, I haven’t been exploring Sarawak as much as I wanted to due to my limited holidays and my preference to spend my day-off in bed, doing absolutely NOTHING. Il bel far niente, gituu. Took me 4 months before I decided to get my butt to Damai the other day for a leisurely stroll at the beach. Apadaaaa. But what’s the rush, I have two years here so one beach/cave/national park/city at a time lah kan. Hehe.

So yeah, I’m living the life. As it is. Everyday is a new challenge so nak tak nak I just have to go through with it. I will usually burst into tears every single time before I go on-call, feeling depressed and all (kesian Fattah kena layan semua ni haha) but once it’s over and done with I’ll be glad that I actually did something for my patients. ๐Ÿ™‚

And then I’ll pray hard that I won’t get screwed, eat something (fattening and) nice, and just sleep it off. Hehe.

Sekian saja. Esok lusa tulis lagi.



  1. Arifah said

    Took you thattttt looooooooooooong to update! Hehe.

    Lol about the pregnant friend on twitter. =P Here’s my number if you don’t still have ’em – 0133198592.

    Bertahaaaaaan!!! =)

    Cuak plak nak masuk HO. Kasik tips sket. Hihi.

  2. ayumin said

    Just get the job done, seikhlas yang boleh. Be on good terms with everyone. And take pointers from other people’s screw-ups and try not to screw up yourself.

    Wow ade hati nak bagi tips tuu, padahal i’m barely surviving myself. ๐Ÿ˜› Good luck anyway!

  3. Mimi said

    Thank you Fattah menjadi penyelamat kepada Ayu. ๐Ÿ™‚
    True enough, ikhlas is the key.
    Apa pun yang kita buat sekiranya ikhlas, insyaAllah dipermudahkan.
    Just hang in there! Love you.

  4. f_hamid said

    Eat. Love. Pray.

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