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In Arsene We Trust!

I was randomly reading wall posts on someone’s Facebook profile last Monday, when I spotted a post that says  “Arsene Wenger’s coming to town. Why don’t we get him to sign one of our boys? :P”.

Holy shit THE Arsene Wenger is in town?

So I googled “Arsene Wenger Malaysia”, and voila, I found this on Arsenal FC Supporters Club of Malaysia (AFCSM)’s website. Boy I was ecstatic! FYI, I’m now on their mailing list so that I won’t miss any Arsenal-related events in the future..tee hee.

I started hollering Arsenal fans among my group of friends (there aren’t that many Gooners I know anyway) and got two of em to come along with me to Dataran Merdeka. The first question they asked was, “Dia datang sorang..tak bawak the whole team ke?“. Oh well, the boys are mostly away on international duties  (and getting injured in the process too. .Pffttt) so we’ll have to make do with Arsene alone. Good enough for me.

Arsene Wenger

The closest I got to him. Midget, midget, midget.

Arsene Wenger's varicose veins, tee hee

Close enough to actually see his varicose veins.  LOL. Nampak tu?

Coaching the Under-19 National Youth Team

Arsene giving tips to our Under-19 National Team. Malaysia Boleh! The crowd was shouting, “Jangan lupa ambik nama!“. LOL.

Being the midget that I am, I obviously did not get to shake his hands. Dangggg.

I also brought along the Arsenal Unstoodle Print from stoodle to get it signed, but due to time constraints the organisers did not plan an autograph session. Ceh. Just took pics of it with a life-sized Arsene cardboard at the event. You can read all about stoodle meets Arsene Wenger, here. Oh and the Arsenal Unstoodle Print also came out in The Daily Mail! Tak percaya? Click sini. (Yes, I was holding it sampai terlipat2 tapi muka tak nampak sebab pendek. Hoh.)

Arsenal Unstoodle Print

Cardboard pun jadilah..tee hee.

Sigh. I am still beaming while I write this. THE Arsene Wenger, in flesh! *squeals in excitement*

Now that that’s off my chest, we can spend the next 2 months speculating on summer transfers. (Oh have you heard, C-Ron is heading to Real with a record transfer fee of 80mil? Madness. No human being should be worth that much, no?) Fingers crossed that Arsene will make a world-class signing or two for the squad soon because God knows how much we need that.



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Saturdays will no longer be the same now that Akademi Fantasia Season 7 has started.

AF = Mama hogging the remote, with the TV stuck on 104 for 2 hours = No saturday night football.

But thank God for online TV! Setanta rocks.

P/S : What a night. United may have lost badly (YNWA wtf. Thank you Kop!), but EMPAT KOSONG to The Arsenal is what matters the most. 🙂

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For the third consecutive time, damnit.

This is very typical of Arsenal. Fresh from a very promising Cardiff game last week (which saw the sweet return of Eduardo, 2 goals no less), you would expect the boys to pick up the momentum and conjure up goal after goal against Sunderland.

But no, this is The Arsenal. They are capable of NOT responding to games won beforehand thus showed up to the Emirates like a sluggish bunch of lazy bears waiting to be fed. It’s f*cking annoying!

And we were just about to thank Chelsea for the 1-0 win against Villa. I feel like slapping Song and anak Nasri instead.

6 points shy of 4th place, and the boys played as if they can’t be arsed. At all.


This feels like a long, long time ago. (I kept this very picture in my PC since my first year in Uni and I’m about to start my fifth year in mere months. THAT is how LONG we’ve gone on without a single trophy. Double Pffftttttttt.)

FA Cup 2004-2005

FA Cup 2004-2005

Oh sorry, this was taken before Ashley Cole became CASHley Cole.

It’s really frustrating to be an Arsenal fan right now. Come rain or shine WTF. Till the next footie post and hopefully by then we’ll be winning games!

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God, it’s killing me.


Only managed to watch the first set as I had to go to the hospital for on-call. Bummer! Just got back at 3am and someone YM-ed me the video URL while I was away.

Suffice to say, I’m gonna cry myself to sleep now.


P/S : On a totally different note/sport, why is it so effing hard to get Arshavin to sign for Arsenal? I can’t even begin to describe how worried I am that we might not finish in the Top 4. The boys are so doomed wey, seriously.

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Be A Gooner, Be A Giver

Clichy wears a PINK wig! ROFLMAO!

Things could turn sweeter if we can wipe that smug look off Gerrard’s face come Sunday.

Do us proud, Boys.

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Captain Cesc

Since my last footie post, Arsenal had lost 4 more league games and  I can safely say we’re already out of the title race. It’s sad, really. Long gone were the days when we used to play that delightful free-flowing Arsenal-style football that could put abang-abang Manure and Chelski to shame.

But they say every cloud has a silver lining, and rightly so that William Gallas was (finally) stripped of the Arsenal captaincy! That call should’ve been made since the infamous Gallas blow-out last season at Birmingham. Of course it’s always nice and easy to be the captain of a winning team. To captain a struggling Arsenal side is no mean feat though. As Hantubola puts it, the “Arsenal MSSM Boys” are still very young (average age of 19?) and clearly a much experienced player like Gallas has the responsibility to help nurture the boys.

But he did precisely the opposite. A skipper is not made of someone who trashes another teammate to the press, and definitely not someone with such poor defending that even teams like Fulham and Stoke could score against. Ohh and let’s not forget that he was caught smoking outside a club some few months ago. Pffftttt.

Enough about Gallas. So as expected, Adik Fabregas was made captain!

The armband looks good on him, no?

In a way, I suspect that this is part of Arsene’s strategy to retain him at the club, safe from those greedy Catalan giants. But hey, if this is what it takes to make him stay, then by all means let it be. If there was ever the question of him being too young, let’s take a trip down memory lane to the days of the great Tony Adams. He was also made captain at a tender age of 21, and had gone on to wear the armband for the next 14 years with multiple silverwares to boot under his captaincy.

Cesc may be young, but with vast experiences under his belt complemented by the right Arsenal spirit, our Adik could go very far. We all know how fond he is of the club, and there was no doubt that he always gave a hundred percent on the pitch (despite his recent poor form). He had learned from the best in business – the likes of Vieira, Pires, Henry; and for God’s sake he’s one of the best midfielders in the world! I have full faith that he’ll lead through example and will someday take Arsenal back to the level of greatness we once possessed.

The road may be long, but let this be a new beginning for the Arsenal Football Club.

Hail Captain Cesc!

And come on you Arsenal!

P/S : I’m back from Kuala Pilah. That Godforsaken place deserves an entry of its own, so wait up till I’m done with my exam!

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Tee Hee

Feels good to be on top, innit? Tee hee.

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