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Ryan Bingham: I thought I was a part of your life.
Alex Goran: I thought we signed up for the same thing… I thought our relationship was perfectly clear. You are an escape. You’re a break from our normal lives. You’re a parenthesis.
Ryan Bingham: I’m a parenthesis?

Up In The Air, 2009

Because I sure hope I’m not one, too.


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I am a Potter addict. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Have read all 7 books at least twice, each. Watched all movies on the first day of screening (with the exception of movie 1, 2 and 3 because I was in boarding school back then).

So I just have to write this because there have been an appalling number of bad reviews of Half Blood Prince from my friends, as evident by their Facebook statuses. Which is worrisome cause I happen to think that HP6 is just WICKED!

Everyone’s been saying, “Boringnyaaa, slow sangat sampai aku tertidur” and “Oh it didn’t meet my expectations.

What was your expectation anyway?

For God’s sake, the book has 608 pages and it’s just not possible to put everything in yo. I simply think that previous HP movies tried so hard to cramp the stories that they had lost some depth in reproducing the magic on screen. IMHO, this time they managed to execute it smartly without leaving out crucial details of the book. It’s just a shame that the HP6 somehow lacks a climax and may be a bit draggy especially during it’s flashback scenes.

With that being said though, I definitely wasn’t looking forward to a fast-paced movie with loads of shimmery wizarding action when I know all along that someone important is about to die. The dark and somewhat somber mood it portrayed was just perfect in the build-up to Dumbledore’s death. Show some respect, people. It’s friggin DUMBLEDORE!

Pic from here.

Ron’s Quidditch scenes were definitely my highlight of the film, especially after he was ‘given’ the Felix Felicis. His smug expression while brilliantly performing his Keeper duties was just priceless.. LOL. Rupert Grint seriously has all the makings of a great comic, no doubt about that.

There was a lot of snogging involved in HP6, but I was actually OK with all that. Kasi can laa. I totally didn’t get Ginny-Harry moments though (zero chemistry there), and I wish Ron had snogged Her-my-owh-ninny already cos Lavender is just wayyy too gedik.

Oh and how do you feel about Dumbledore’s death scene? I remember having tears in my eyes while reading the part some few years back and as expected, I weeped upon seing it visually. Sigh. I’m just sentimental like that. Wish they had put in the funeral part too for a more dramatic effect.

Hands down, it’s one of the better HP movies ever made. So go watch Potter if you haven’t already. And please don’t read the book prior to the movie cos you’ll be obsessing about the minute details they missed!

Sekian, a totally biased review from your friendly neighbourhood Muggle.

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Urbanscapes 2009.

HOPE is a lie we tell to keep us going.

Tru dat.

It was one of the many quotes I found in Box of Ideas, which I discovered during the recent Urbanscapes’09 in KLPAC. It is a project inspired by a group of Malaysians that collect ideas from random everyday people to be packaged in a cigarette box. So instead of getting 20 cancer sticks, you get as many as 100 ideas from contributing parties. Cool eh?

Anyhoots, my Urbanscapes experience was nothing short of fun. Spent the earlier hours in the Cinescapes Stage watching Gadoh, a brave film that peeks into the underlying racial tension in our beloved Bolehland. The ever-present Malay-Chinese conflict was the main subject of the film, and with racism being a topic that is close to my heart, I loved it! It was witty and honest, and sometimes even painful to watch for the truth it rawly presented. There were funny bits and the acting wasn’t all that bad so yeah, it was worth watching.

Not going to spill much here, but I am definitely going to get my colleagues to watch the movie (I bought the DVD).  Check out the trailer:

Wish I could’ve stayed longer  to watch more short films though. There were just too much going on in KLPAC, making it impossible to just stay in the cinema and watch (good) movies all day long.

Besides Gadoh, I had the opportunity to watch a few acts perform in The Lawn Stage and The Box areas. Was looking forward to watch Rendra Zawawi and Khottal perform but tak sempat. The ones I managed to watch were Zalila Lee (she’s a gem!), The Sofa Sessions (hillarious duo with a song made about circumcision. LOL), Pop Shuvit (did a tribute to MJ), and Yuna (she gave me goosebumps during Rocket).

There were also many interesting street performances, ranging from theatre groups doing funny skits, stand-up comedies to percussion groups playing drums and whatnot. I especially liked Tugu Drum Circle, whereby they randomly rounded up passers by to play the instruments and put together a performance. The atmosphere was just so festive!

Tugu Drum Circle

Had Palate Palette’s famous lamb hotdog for lunch, and browsed through the  photography exhibition and all those artsy scraps on display. The usual flea market was tempting too, but I was way too broke to buy anything it ain’t funny yo. Blergh.

In short, Urbanscapes 2009 was AWESOME! Good thing I didn’t feel out of place as I see a lot of people around my age there..tee hee. I remember attending a youth festival in PWTC earlier this year and felt like an old hag upon seing pretentious artsy fartsies and high school-goers going crazy over dresses in flea markets. Sigh.

I came home feeling proud that we Malaysians actually have this pool of creative talents, coming together and putting up a great show. Malaysia Boleh woot! Also felt somewhat jealous la cos I don’t have a single artsy bone in my body WTH. Kudos to the organisers and all participants for the brilliant effort. Can’t wait for next year!

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Megan Fox needs to shower. Period.

She looks a tad too greasy, kan?

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The Best Friend, this is for you. 🙂

“Once the queen’s dead the king’s useless.”
“What’s that about?”
“I don’t know, maybe he’s too depressed to fight. He really loved her y’know.”
“Yeah, I can see that.”
“My queen to yours. Checkmate.”

Indahnya, Subhanallah…


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Yes I Am Falling

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