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Summer Hols So Far.

Wow, it’s been a month since I became a free woman. How time flies. My counterparts from other local unis have all gone for their induction since they’ve finished their exams much earlier, and most of them have already started working in their respective hospitals. While ’em doctors are suffering the tortures of tagging and the gruelling world of housemanship, the UPM bunch is still hangin’ around enjoying loadsa fun all over the globe. Tee hee. Our time will come soon, though.

Let’s worry about that later. Just wanna share with you the things I’ve been doing for the past one month.

Taman Negara Pahang

Ohh yes, that’s me, lookin all chubby on the longest canopy walkway in the world, standing 40metres above the ground yaww! This was at Taman Negara Pahang, the largest national park in Malaysia which encompasses 3 states; Terengganu, Kelantan and mostly Pahang.

Abah had a business course there so Mama and I hopped in for the ride. Free holiday, siapa tak nak kan? We stayed in a nice chalet at Mutiara Taman Negara Resort, which is an unlikely option for me if I were to come as a backpacker. Might just settle for the hostel which is quite affordable at RM80. Heh.

Anyway, since we were there following a course, we didn’t have much time to explore the Taman Negara rainforest. We went for Rapids Shooting, which was quite a bore since we were on a boat instead of a raft. Tapi bolehlah, setakat nak rasa angin petang kat Sungai Tembeling. Managed to slip in a 45-minute session of jungle trekking towards the canopy walkway before our trip home too. Haih, tak puas. But mark my words cos I sure will come back for more!

Ahh, and the picture above was taken in Long Beach, Perhentian Island, Terengganu. I was there 2 weeks ago with my STF darlings Aliaa, Nuha, and Irda taking up our diving licenses with the highly-recommended Turtle Bay Divers. June 11th 2010 was the historic date when all four of us officially became certified PADI Open Water Divers!! Wheeeeee! Like, finally! After years and years of lusting over underwater photos taken by our diver friends, we finally got to experience it ourselves. And I gotta tell you this, being able to breathe underwater is just AMAZING.

Life underwater is just crazy was as if we were inside of a humungous aquarium filled with  so many colourful fishes and corals. We managed to see huge stingrays and a turtle too; amongst others, during our training dives. Ahhh, sumpah best gila ok! No underwater pics to share here since the rented camera went kaput right before we went in for our graduation dive. Dayum. And Perhentian is just way too pretty! Tengoklah tu, clear blue skies, crystal clear water, clean beaches..truly a shame that one has to leave such beauty for a cruel, concrete jungle like KL. Sigh.

Now that we’ve got our licenses, I just can’t wait for our next diving trip! But for that to happen, I gotta work and earn some moolah first lah, ye dak? For now I’m just gonna sit quietly at home, sharpening my domestic skills and glue myself in front of the idiot box watching World Cup because there’s already a HUGE hole burnt in my pockets. -_-

Sekian, another Cuti-Cuti Malaysia entry brought by ayumin’s incoherent ramblings. Hope this one’s gonna generate  continuous hits (cis, perasan) just like my Sarawak Elective entry. Hehe.

P/S : Just so you know, I might be going to Kuching, Sarawak for my housemanship soon. Insya-Allah. 🙂


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Sarawak Elective


This is a long overdue post about my elective posting in Sarawak. Have decided to put this up on the blog so that in the distant future I’ll get to reminisce the amazing 6 weeks I’ve had in Sarawak.

So I’ve been getting questions from my non-medic friends about what an “elective posting” is all about. Well, it is actually a given period by medical schools for students to learn in other hospitals other than their own. We’ve been given the freedom to choose just about any hospital in any country in the world, so it is up to what one really wants out of their elective in choosing a place for their posting.

Those with enough funds may opt to do it overseas and experience what it’s like to practice medicine in other countries. For instance, my boys Heng and Joshua did theirs in Kenya and had many hands-on experience that one could not possibly get in local teaching hospitals (both performed their first Caesarean sections there. JEALOUS!). A few of us went to European countries like the UK to feast their eyes on angmohs *ehem*. Many opted to go back to their hometown hospitals for an additional 6-week holidays. And  some people just wanted to go off for a 6-week vacation!

Like me. Heh heh heh.

I chose Sarawak mainly because I’ve never been to either Borneo states before. Sabah hospitals placement have all been swapped up by my other classmates, so Sarawak was the only option left. Did plan on going overseas, but my application for Melbourne was rejected and I was already out of funds by the end of the semester. So Kuching it is! Read the rest of this entry »

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Sarawak I.


Nora & Baka from Semenggoh Wildlife Centre says HELLO!

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I have survived 5 major exams in the last 10 months, and yes baby, I’m about to enter 5th (and hopefully FINAL) year of medical school soon!

Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll be flying off to Kuching in a few hours to do my elective attachment in Sarawak General Hospital for 6 weeks. Anyone within 200km radius of Kuching is very much welcomed to take me out for some Mee Kolok/Laksa Sarawak!

Hehe kinda excited coz I’ve never been to that part of the world yet. I’ll be doing some travelling around Borneo as well, so do wait up for pictures of Proboscis monkeys and Orang Utans soon.

This will actually be the longest time that I’ll be away from home ever since I left STF. Just one of the perks of attending a Uni an hour away from home I guess.  So I’ll definitely miss my KL home, my Banting home, and especially my friends (everyone’s jetting off to faraway places for their electives – Labuan, Sandakan, Bintulu, UK, Taiwan and even Kenya!).

Kampung Baru
View from my hostel room in Kampung Baru. We’re moving out next year! 😦

I’m going to miss this view, too.  Sigh. And all things Kampung Baru. (read : glorious Malay Kelantan and Siam food)

Off to pack now.
Take care guys.

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Bored Sick of Studying.

  1. I have a MAJOR exam in 4 days, and all I want to do right now is go out and buy lingerie. Lots and lots of em. Don’t ask me why.
  2. Yesterday I discovered that 2 of my guy best friends (Yes F, I’m acknowledging you as a guy now) have been silent readers of le blog. Why you guys never comment one?
  3. I hate it that people are calling Pavilion (the shopping complex)by the name of Pavy. WTF PAVY SO TAK CLASSY OK. Altogether now, p-vlyn!
  4. I think those 4 Perak assemblymen (more like greedy frogs in pursuit of power) are about as disgusting as politicians can get. The whole situation is an absolute treachery to the people of Perak. I don’t favour a snap election though, as it would be a waste of time and resources. Hmmph.
  5. Kuala Kangsar

  6. Speaking of Perak, I have very fond memories of the state. Spent 5 wonderful years growing up in Ipoh, and another few years of visiting my sister in SEMESTI Teluk Intan. Gosh how I miss Rendang Tok!
  7. The girls who keep my sanity intact* are in Bagan Lalang for a picnic right this second. And they’re playing KITES! And I’m stuck here in Kampung Baru burying myself in books. 😦 One of the many sacrifices, eh? You girls better take kickass pics with your DSLRs and I shall hog them with comments on Facebook!

  8. The official line-up for Sunburst’09 sucks! I’m not spending my hard-earned (LOL) RM200 allowance just to see some local acts performing like it’s Rock The World! Last year’s line-up was wayyyy better (a sweaty John Legend and a topless Brandon Boyd tee hee. And Najwa too!). I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Coldplay. “My heart is yours. It’s you that I hold on to. That’s what I’ll do.” Sigh.
  9. 101_1503

  10. I’m now at my fattest due to 10 weeks of continuous belajar-makan-tidur cycle. Sumpah tak fit langsung. Will resume workout after the exams, I promise.
  11. I miss the parentals. And the sister.
  12. Ok sekian. Mari belajar.

*Shisha buddies, brunchmates, and weekend gossipmates. You know who you are. 🙂

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So the 28 of us were shooed away to the district of Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan for 6 weeks of Community Medicine posting. Little did we know that it was the posting that would change our lives collectively, in one way or another.

Putting aside the academical aspect, this is the best posting everrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Enjoy tak ingat punya. We had so much free time on our hands, so we filled em up with daily badminton/football/touch rugby games, baling selipar, and the girls even had aerobics at the vacant lecture hall in the evenings!

And the ‘trip’ wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t take the chance to explore some interesting eateries around Kuala Pilah. Our favs included a Chinese restaurant in Kuala Pilah Government Rest House, Kuey Tiaw Kerang Special at Taman Sri Juasseh(tapi abang kedai tu kerek), Kedai Roti Special in Bahau (roti ice cream!), Cendol at Kuala Pilah Bus Station as well as a roadside stall selling Karipap Panas+Air Kelapa Muda on the way to Juasseh. We certainly left Kuala Pilah with a few more pounds gained, no doubt.

Oh and the roadtrips.

Jeram Tengkek

Jeram Tengkek is by far the best waterfall I have visited in yonks. This jeram has everything you look for in a waterfall – crystal clear water, moderate current, and challenging slopes. If you happen to pass by Kuala Pilah, do pay a visit to this hidden treasure near Batu Kikir. It is definitely better than the overrated Ulu Bendul, but you’ll encounter piles and piles of cow dung along the way, so beware!

We also had weekend getaways to PD, Melaka, and other historical places like Istana Seri Menanti and Teratak Za’aba during the 6 weeks. I know it sounds very touristy, but trips with the groupmates were never a bore.

If it hadn’t been for our stay in Kuala Pilah, I probably wouldn’t know a lot of random facts about my groupmates. For instance, Gi Ni’s selamba habit of parking his big ass Honda Civic at inappropriate places (like, tengah-tengah jalan), or the fact that Lini is actually a kaki shopping extraordinaire behind her ayu and shy exterior. We shared so many inside jokes that when we got back to KL for the exams, it was harder to communicate with the rest of the class because they just don’t get the jokes HAHAHA.

Love is also in the air for a pair of lovebirds in the class, and hopefully all goes well for them. ❤

I know we’re all back to being our usual kiasu selves in OBGYN now, but I LOVE YOU GUYS! Hopefully the faculty won’t separate us next year. 😦

Anyhoots, Pilahdelphia rocks!

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