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The After.

Remember this?
Ah well, three long years (instead of the promised two) have passed and I am now officially brace-free! Gigi besi, no more. 😀

Still getting used to this nakey feeling of not having those extra metals in my oral cavity. Hihi. Oh and the retainers are bloody uncomfortable too! Haih sucha hassle to take em off for meals, y’know? -_-

Anyway, Ramadhan Mubarak everyone! Hope I won’t be too swamped with oncalls this year so that I can perform my Tarawikh!


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Living the life.

Yes, I’m alive. 🙂

So I survived my first 4 months of being an intern. Had my own set of challenges – being in a new city, managing my own finances, adapting to a life full of responsibilities and dealing with people plus all the drama that comes with em. Pfft. Working as a doctor is a TOTALLY different ball game from medical school and even with pre-planted ideas of what housemanship would be like, I had no idea it was gonna be this hard.


But yeah I survived my first posting which was Surgery. And here I am, entering my first month in Paediatrics, which is also a totally different ball game from Surgery which I tremendously enjoyed. Still learning my way around the subject, and hopefully by the end of 4 months I’ll be able to come out competent and safe. Bebehs and adik-adik, please be kind to your poor doctor here. Thank you.

Anyway, I haven’t been exploring Sarawak as much as I wanted to due to my limited holidays and my preference to spend my day-off in bed, doing absolutely NOTHING. Il bel far niente, gituu. Took me 4 months before I decided to get my butt to Damai the other day for a leisurely stroll at the beach. Apadaaaa. But what’s the rush, I have two years here so one beach/cave/national park/city at a time lah kan. Hehe.

So yeah, I’m living the life. As it is. Everyday is a new challenge so nak tak nak I just have to go through with it. I will usually burst into tears every single time before I go on-call, feeling depressed and all (kesian Fattah kena layan semua ni haha) but once it’s over and done with I’ll be glad that I actually did something for my patients. 🙂

And then I’ll pray hard that I won’t get screwed, eat something (fattening and) nice, and just sleep it off. Hehe.

Sekian saja. Esok lusa tulis lagi.

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As of now.


I’ve totally abandoned this space for the past couple of weeks! Hehe. But I regularly tweet my random thoughts as evident by the Twitter widget (lihat kanan), so check that out if y’all wanna know what I’ve been up to (gaya macam laa ada orang yang kisah, ceh). Awesome invention, Twitter is.

So final year of medical school had been a smooth ride so far. I’ve just completed 8 weeks of internal medicine and loved every minute of it! Patient load for teaching was more than adequate in HKL and our medical lecturers were SUPER nice and helpful towards us student doctors. Oh yes, we now call ourselves student doctors/doctors in-training/doktor pelatih as opposed to the usual “medical student” title. The responsibility that comes with the word “doctor” somewhat drives us to perform better because after all, we’re about to become doctors in like, 8 months’ time?

Shit. Time really does fly.


Anyhoots, I’m now back in the nuthouse for 2 weeks and after that it’ll be general surgery for a week and then it’s time for Raya holidays! YEAY! Syawal this year is extra special because 2 of my closest girlfriends, Wanny and Wawa are getting engaged and on top of that, my dear sister’s getting married! There’s also a trip down south with STF girlfriends for Wajihan’s wedding and a possible Singapore trip afterwards. Woohoooo. Can’t wait!

Apa lagi eh.

Ahh yes, Arsenal has had quite a brilliant start this season eh? Vermaelen, who is our only new signing looked pretty solid at the back so far. I feel that we’re still pretty sloppy in midfield though and our strikers have yet to make an impact. The 2-1 defeat to United last week was harsh too (I fully blame Diaby and Almunia for it) but hey, it doesn’t  make or break our season. Hopefully we’ll become a better team this year and let’s bag home some silverwares to add to the trophy cabinet. COME ON YOU GOONERS I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Anyway, I’m generally contented with what I have and where I am right now. 🙂 Life’s been pretty much same old same old, but I’m actually fine with that. There will be more challenges ahead and many things to look forward to in the coming months, so hopefully all will be well. Insya-Allah.

Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone.


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Hari Tua.

Well I turned 23 on 23rd July.

Had a good one, thanks to dear Damai roommates (for the midnight cake and contemplating whether I was in my usual pekak mode or not cos my iPod was on hehe), the usual Uni besties (now you guys know how pemalu I am! oh yes behind my confident exterior there is a gadis Melayu ayu pemalu hiding inside, so next year please don’t make me give a speech or sing or whatnot unless I’m stoned thank you), lunch treat from studymates and the usual birthday texts and FB messages from friends.

Thanks everyone! Much loveeee. ♥

I’ve never really done a birthday wish list before cos I know that the only person able to grant me those wishes is myself (with the help of parental and JPA funds of course), but WHAT THE HELL IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. Manalah tau kot-kot ada orang nak sponsor kan haha i wish. So here goes :

  1. Old Arsenal jerseys. Particularly this (97/98 away shirt) and this (the redcurrant shirt from 05/06 commemorating last season at Highbury).

    This 97/98 shirt particularly reminds me of my earlier days of watching football. I still have that vivid image of Overmars riding the flanks, assisting and scoring goal after goal in that very jersey. Sweeeeet. Oh and the latter redcurrent jersey is just too classy, kan?

  2. These Arsenal retro shirts. I’ll settle for Pires’ Magnifique or Overmars’ The Flying Dutchman.

  3. A new handphone. 😛 I’ve been using the same phone for the past 5 years and I think it’s about time I get a new phone. My trusted Nokia 6610 still works out fine though (except the fact that I have to use a sharp object to turn it on wtf), it’s just a case of mengada-ngada nak handphone canggih. A decent phone with a camera and one that I could go online with would do. Currently eyeing the BlackBerry Javelin 8900.

  4. A new pair of Nike running shoes and a Nike+ iPod Sports Kit. Oh FYI I’ve ditched my sedentary lifestyle by running at the nearby Titiwangsa Park at least 3 times a week. Feels good, 🙂

  5. KL-Tawau return ticket in June 2010, complete with funds for an open water diving course in Seaventures.

  6. Funds for a 12000ft tandem skydive in Taupo, NZ.

Hmmh that’s all I could think of right now. It’s worrying how I don’t have any urge to buy girly clothes or shoes, though. But usually those buys are impulsive, so there’s no need to put em in a wishlist laa kan. Tee heee..

Here’s crossing my fingers hoping that I will find a way to make all of the above possible by the end of this year.


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Hellllllloooooooo. I am backkkkkkkkkk! 🙂

Special thanks to Nora and Baka for the 5 weeks intermission.

Sarawak can only be summed up in one word. AWESOMEEEE.

If you’ve been following my weekly picture uploads on Facebook (yes, I memang saja nak kasi bakar, hehe), you’ll surely know that I’ve had the time of my life in Borneo.  Still figuring out whether to write lengthy posts on my travels or not, tengoklah kalau rajin nanti.

Oh btw, I’m on a 1 month-holiday now. It’s only the fifth day and I’m already effin boredddd. Which probably explains why I even bothered to post up an entry here. Hehe. Sometimes I feel that my university is wayyy too generous with holidays. Seriously. Our counterparts in other public unis only have like, 2 weeks of holidays at the end of their academic year, and at this point of time, many have already completed 2/5 of their final year postings. That also means they’ll graduate earlier!

Sheesh. Bestnyaaaaa.

But it’s the LAST holiday we’re getting before one final year of torture,  so no complains. Heh.

Will update more soon.


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Crossing over

So I’ve moved to WordPress alright.

Owing to the need to clear my head off post-Finals, I gave up my Blogdrive blog.

I was reading my 2 1/2 years’ worth of blog posts, and I noticed how much I’ve grown over the spread of entries. And how much I have changed. And how things that revolve around me has changed too. For bad, and for good.

I decided to start new.

Hence the move to a greener pasture that is WordPress. I actually wanted a Blogspot blog, but has already been taken by some chick writing poetries, so WordPress will do. I had thought of quitting the blog for real, but there is still so much for me to share with the world! (and by world I mean the five of you reading this. Thank you!).

So this is me, starting off fresh.

Come ride with me. 😉

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