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The funniest/most random thing happened today.

Farah and I headed straight for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC after ward works. We took a 2-seater near the window and started to chat and whine about our dull, boring life as medical students. Yadayadayada.

Not long after we ordered, 2 women came by and sat at the table next to us.  They were seated approximately a metre away from us, so it was natural that we sort of overheard the details of their conversation. I gathered that their names were Farah and Ayu too, so I texted Farah in silence and we both had a good laugh at the coincidence. Like how often do you find 2 people with similar names, seating right next to you right? Sungguh random.

So Farah and I continued gossipping talking about other random stuff like whos dating who, a friend of hers who is also a friend of mine who had lost some weight, how things were back in STF/SAB (Yes, Farah was from Aminuddin Baki yaww), which classmate should we text for CNY and the annoying ones we shouldn’t (Hehe), which doctor is over 30 and still single and whos not (LOL), etc etc. You know the drill. Heh heh heh.

But other than that, we were getting annoyed at the two women next to us. Farah was telling me about his school junior Nabil performing at last week’s Juara Lagu when we suddenly heard them say “Eh, Meet Uncle Hussein menang Juara Lagu kan!“, and “Haah, I sukaaaa lagu tu!“. Hellooooo, curik-curik dengar lepastu tetibe tukar topik apahal! Dahla suka Meet Uncle Hussein (OK, masih emo Faizal kalah, wtf).

And there was this one time when our dessert came, and they went, “Eh, sama laa dessert kita“. I was like, pull your chairs over and have dinner with us already, strangers! Damn.

So the time finally came for us to pay the bills. Suddenly, the aforementioned woman named “Ayu” startled us with a question. “Excuse me, you STF ke? My friend here overheard that one of you girls went to STF.”, while pointing at Farah.


It turns out that “Ayu” was also from STF! Tapi supersenior lah since she graduated in 1992. And we all had a good laugh when we introduced ourselves as Ayu and Farah. ROTFLMAO! What a coincidence..haih. Anyways we continued chatting about school and some other STFians that we knew, and no surprise that she was also in the band! Lagi galaklah kami bercerita, hehe.

So to my STF supersenior Miss Ayu Hanida, and her friend Farahida, thanks for making our day today. It sure took some guts to admit that you’ve been listening to our conversations right? Haha. What a small world we have eih? It’s scary how we are all connected in the world, even through the simplest of things, like our names and previous schools.

And speaking of STF, I’d like to share a Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah fact :

On 25/1/1999, a group of 150 scared/excited girls were dumped by their hopeful parents at the big ole gate in Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, JB. Little did they know that their next 5 years within the gate would be the BEST years of their lives. It would be the years that would mould them into the persons that they will be in the future. The girls became friends sisters over the years and even after 5 years of leaving their alma mater, they remain as close as ever, which just goes to show that the Srikandi spirit continues to live in each and every one of their hearts.

(OK aku cam tetibe semangat kan. Hehe.)

10 years and counting, girls. Sayang korang! 🙂

P/S : Selekeh gila kita dulu…


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