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In Arsene We Trust!

I was randomly reading wall posts on someone’s Facebook profile last Monday, when I spotted a post that says  “Arsene Wenger’s coming to town. Why don’t we get him to sign one of our boys? :P”.

Holy shit THE Arsene Wenger is in town?

So I googled “Arsene Wenger Malaysia”, and voila, I found this on Arsenal FC Supporters Club of Malaysia (AFCSM)’s website. Boy I was ecstatic! FYI, I’m now on their mailing list so that I won’t miss any Arsenal-related events in the future..tee hee.

I started hollering Arsenal fans among my group of friends (there aren’t that many Gooners I know anyway) and got two of em to come along with me to Dataran Merdeka. The first question they asked was, “Dia datang sorang..tak bawak the whole team ke?“. Oh well, the boys are mostly away on international duties  (and getting injured in the process too. .Pffttt) so we’ll have to make do with Arsene alone. Good enough for me.

Arsene Wenger

The closest I got to him. Midget, midget, midget.

Arsene Wenger's varicose veins, tee hee

Close enough to actually see his varicose veins.  LOL. Nampak tu?

Coaching the Under-19 National Youth Team

Arsene giving tips to our Under-19 National Team. Malaysia Boleh! The crowd was shouting, “Jangan lupa ambik nama!“. LOL.

Being the midget that I am, I obviously did not get to shake his hands. Dangggg.

I also brought along the Arsenal Unstoodle Print from stoodle to get it signed, but due to time constraints the organisers did not plan an autograph session. Ceh. Just took pics of it with a life-sized Arsene cardboard at the event. You can read all about stoodle meets Arsene Wenger, here. Oh and the Arsenal Unstoodle Print also came out in The Daily Mail! Tak percaya? Click sini. (Yes, I was holding it sampai terlipat2 tapi muka tak nampak sebab pendek. Hoh.)

Arsenal Unstoodle Print

Cardboard pun jadilah..tee hee.

Sigh. I am still beaming while I write this. THE Arsene Wenger, in flesh! *squeals in excitement*

Now that that’s off my chest, we can spend the next 2 months speculating on summer transfers. (Oh have you heard, C-Ron is heading to Real with a record transfer fee of 80mil? Madness. No human being should be worth that much, no?) Fingers crossed that Arsene will make a world-class signing or two for the squad soon because God knows how much we need that.



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