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The finale is about to kick-off in 23 minutes and 26 seconds. Which leaves me with enough time for an entry on Euro…or not.

I haven’t been following the tournament as much as I should due to some other commitments (more on this, soon!), so I can’t really say much. When it comes to international matches, I live by the saying “Support the team with the most Arsenal players”. Easy peasy.

And the only Arsenal interest left to watch now is of course, man-of-the-moment Cesc Fabregas.

Adik Fabregas Picture from

Adik Fabregas has been FABulous so far. I love the way he turns the game around whenever he’s in. He adds a certain spark to the Spanish side and his creativeness on the pitch shows us again and again why he is a true masterclass.

So Aragones, the secret to beating Germany in the final is not exactly hard to work out. Play Cesc from the start!

Viva Espagne!

*Spain won, although Cesc didn’t shine as expected. But it’s okkay, Adik. We still love you!

*And he dedicates the win to Arsenal fans! Geez, make him captain already!


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