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“Lots of R&B dudes promise opulent nights of ecstasy, but Legend is so classy that these fantasies seem like real journalism.”

Rolling Stone Review

So John Legend is back with a new string of baby-making tunes in this new LP, Evolver. As the name suggests, he tries to evolve from the usual soothing signature style into a different path which is more electronic and sadly, “mainstream”.

I don’t quite fancy Evolver, to be honest.

Sure, the Grammy-nominated Green Light (feat. Andre 3000) is worthy of a listen and Legend’s bet with reggae on No Other Love (feat. Estelle) is one dreamy tune (especially when he sings “Gimme gimme oh so much, turn me on, turn me on.” LOL)

But tunes like Can’t Be My Lover is downright dreadful (Reggae at its worst!), and Good Morning is just way too corny. Well of course I do corny, but chirping birds, seriously?

Somehow it’s just too evolved that it doesn’t really sound like him. Piano rosak ke bang?

But as forgettable as it may sound, his husky crooning can still melt even the stoniest of hearts. Hehe. I am slowly getting the hang of Evolver, and now I can’t stop singing to Cross The Line (You’ve been my best friend, can we put this to bed then, tonight’s the night to cross the line – breaking the number one rule of romance – never sleep with your best friend!!!!!!!!!).

Come rain or shine, I’m still a fan. ♥


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