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Faizal Tahir.

I should just write this while I’m still very smitten. So here goes.


Haha ok cerita dulu, screamfest sambung kejap lagi.

So basically I was at Istana Budaya last night watching Konsert Satu Suara which featured Faizal Tahir, Aizat, and Malaysia’s favourite gadis-ayu-pemalu, Siti Nurhaliza. I managed to secure myself very good seats through Faizal’s fan club Rockensteiners which I am unashamedly a member of. Kih kih.

Anyhoots, the show started with Aizat and Faizal singing Aku Anak Malaysia. After that it was Aizat all the way, and damn that boy’s good! I was familiar with most of his repertoire so I got to sing along to most of em. Being a Beatles junkie that I am, I loved his Beatles tribute, especially I Am The Walrus. Way to go Aizat!

And then it was the moment I’ve been waiting for.


Like holey moley guacomoley finallyyyyyy after 3 years of being a fangirl I now get to see him perform live, like ohmygoddddddddddddddddddd takkkkkkkk.

I’ve had doubts about Faizal’s ability to shine vocally because he always seem to overdo it whenever he performs live. But yesterday he sounded SO GOOD. Seriously sedap gila. Perfect low-high note transition, and his tone, Subhanallah, it was just delicious. His God-given talent was just too good beyond words!

Stage presence takyah cakap la kan. He was very eloquent (spoke perfect English, too. Sukaaaaaa!) and funny although at times he came across as POYO, but what the hell I still love him. Har har har.

He rocked the house with the usual combo of Sampai Syurga, Cuba (pronounced as Kju-ba LOL), Gemuruh, Bencinta, Mahakarya Cinta,  and Selamat Malam, as well as a new song that I’ve never heard of. Faizal also did a tribute to his musical idol Queen and his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody was just madddddd awesomeeeeeeeeee. I was happily singing along to it but it seems that only 1/10 of the audience je yang pernah dengar lagu tu. Ape korang ni, tak penah tengok American Idol ke at the very least? Ceh.

And then came Siti. I’m obviously not a fan of hers, but I do know some a lot of her songs ok. Didn’t know what to expect but DAMN THAT WOMAN WAS AMAZING.  Seriously. I got goosebumps yo. She totally deserved to be where she’s at right now because she’s just THAT good. Please please everyone insert Siti in your 10-musical-act-that-I-must-see-before-I-die list. Faizal Tahir pun jangan lupa letak ok..hehe.

Anyway the 3 of them joined forces for a medley of Rock Kapak (or rather Rock Sopan in Siti’s words) songs – the likes of Hattan’s Sekuntum Mawar Merah, Def-Gab-C’s Ibu Kota Cinta, Awie’s Sejati & Ratuku, and my fav Spider’s Relaku Pujuk. Relaku Pujuk was injected with some serious reggae beat so it was fun fun fun! Aizat’s constant “come on everybody” so cracked me up!

Oh lupa plak. I also lovedddd Faizal and Aizat’s rendition of Bon Jovi’s Always. Farah and I were singing along siap dengan expression beriya2 as if we’re in Redbox Karaoke LOL. Always had always been one of our lagu wajib anyway..and isn’t it just the perfect song for another pathetic Valentines? 😛

Ok letih dah screamfest. Kawan-kawan, please bear with me cos I’ll be raving about how good Faizal is for at least a coupla weeks. Heheh. Ok bye. Nak dengar Faizal’s Selamat Malam before kip lah.

“Kanku menjadi Arjuna dalam mimpi-mimpimu” – tell me siapa tak cair if a guy sings this to you weh? Angauuuuuu. ♥


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Mari boikot TV3.

If you know me, you would know that I AM NUTS about Faizal Tahir.

You would know that I can sing to every word of every song in Aku.Muzik.Kamu. Dengan expression muka ala-ala Faizal dan rambut terbang-terbang siap.

You would know that I absolutely adore him despite him being OTT and kadang-kadang poyo.

So, if you know me, you can surely understand how pissed I am at TV3 (and the judges) for not letting Faizal win the prestigious Anugerah Juara Lagu! OK fineeee he won Best Vocals, Best Performance and Best Ballad *smirks*, but as a Faizal Tahir fanatic MESTILAH AKU NAK DIA MENANG SEMUA! Kalau boleh Etnik Kreatif and Pop Rock tu pun nak sapu sekali HAHA.

Kudos to Meet Uncle Hussein though. They were awesome tonight, and that was probably their best performance of Lagu Untukmu that I’ve heard so far.


Hnsffgshs *insert swear word*. Menci!


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