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Captain Cesc

Since my last footie post, Arsenal had lost 4 more league games and  I can safely say we’re already out of the title race. It’s sad, really. Long gone were the days when we used to play that delightful free-flowing Arsenal-style football that could put abang-abang Manure and Chelski to shame.

But they say every cloud has a silver lining, and rightly so that William Gallas was (finally) stripped of the Arsenal captaincy! That call should’ve been made since the infamous Gallas blow-out last season at Birmingham. Of course it’s always nice and easy to be the captain of a winning team. To captain a struggling Arsenal side is no mean feat though. As Hantubola puts it, the “Arsenal MSSM Boys” are still very young (average age of 19?) and clearly a much experienced player like Gallas has the responsibility to help nurture the boys.

But he did precisely the opposite. A skipper is not made of someone who trashes another teammate to the press, and definitely not someone with such poor defending that even teams like Fulham and Stoke could score against. Ohh and let’s not forget that he was caught smoking outside a club some few months ago. Pffftttt.

Enough about Gallas. So as expected, Adik Fabregas was made captain!

The armband looks good on him, no?

In a way, I suspect that this is part of Arsene’s strategy to retain him at the club, safe from those greedy Catalan giants. But hey, if this is what it takes to make him stay, then by all means let it be. If there was ever the question of him being too young, let’s take a trip down memory lane to the days of the great Tony Adams. He was also made captain at a tender age of 21, and had gone on to wear the armband for the next 14 years with multiple silverwares to boot under his captaincy.

Cesc may be young, but with vast experiences under his belt complemented by the right Arsenal spirit, our Adik could go very far. We all know how fond he is of the club, and there was no doubt that he always gave a hundred percent on the pitch (despite his recent poor form). He had learned from the best in business – the likes of Vieira, Pires, Henry; and for God’s sake he’s one of the best midfielders in the world! I have full faith that he’ll lead through example and will someday take Arsenal back to the level of greatness we once possessed.

The road may be long, but let this be a new beginning for the Arsenal Football Club.

Hail Captain Cesc!

And come on you Arsenal!

P/S : I’m back from Kuala Pilah. That Godforsaken place deserves an entry of its own, so wait up till I’m done with my exam!


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Tee Hee

Feels good to be on top, innit? Tee hee.

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The Flying Dutchman

Not the ship, girls.

It’s Marc Overmars, the Flying Dutchman! He is my favorite Gunner OF ALL TIME, and he was recently positioned number 12 in the Gunners’ Greatest Players list on! Wheeeeeeeeeee! I was so Overmars-crazy back then, I collected newspaper/magazine cuttings and in class I spoke very fondly of his speed on the pitch and his insanely handsome looks, much to the dismay of my United-loving friends. Boo! Former primary school classmates can testify to that, 😛 Even my Hotmail account till this day bears the name ayu_overmars, and I often get those “Kenapa over Mars, tak over Moon ke?” remarks from non-football fans. Lame, I know.

I often rushed home from Sekolah Agama back in 1998, all excited ’cause there were reruns of Arsenal matches on TV. I would sit and cheer madly for the dream team, featuring the likes of Adams, Petite, Seaman, Keown, Bergkamp, and of course Overmars! That was the year when they won the Double, and I think was the greatest team Arsenal has ever had in my years of watching football, at least. Good times, man. Goooood times.

World Cup 1998 was the first major tournament I followed as a kid and I chose to support the Dutch. I remember staying up and watched Holland got beaten by Croatia in the 3rd/4th play-off game (remember that dude Davor Suker?). They even showed Overmars weeping after Holland lost the game! Awwwwwwww.

Anyway, his career was cut short due to injuries. He moved to Barcelona (pffffffft) in 2000 but everyone knows that the grass is always greener at Highbury/the Grove, so he obviously didn’t reach the height of victory there. Poor baby.

The last we ever saw of him on the pitch was during Bergkamp’s testimonial match back in 2006. Too bad I had some major exam going on, so I conveniently missed the match. The boyfriend-who-could-have-been (yes, HIM) gloated for days because he got to see Arsenal’s greatest players perform and I didn’t. Bitch! But that’s another story for another day……tee hee.

Click here to read more on Arsenal’s finest winger, Marc Overmars.

And here’s a compilation of his greatest goals during his stint in Arsenal.

Let’s all hope that Theo Walcott will be as good as him in the near future. Gunners for Champs yo!

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Fab Euro

The finale is about to kick-off in 23 minutes and 26 seconds. Which leaves me with enough time for an entry on Euro…or not.

I haven’t been following the tournament as much as I should due to some other commitments (more on this, soon!), so I can’t really say much. When it comes to international matches, I live by the saying “Support the team with the most Arsenal players”. Easy peasy.

And the only Arsenal interest left to watch now is of course, man-of-the-moment Cesc Fabregas.

Adik Fabregas Picture from

Adik Fabregas has been FABulous so far. I love the way he turns the game around whenever he’s in. He adds a certain spark to the Spanish side and his creativeness on the pitch shows us again and again why he is a true masterclass.

So Aragones, the secret to beating Germany in the final is not exactly hard to work out. Play Cesc from the start!

Viva Espagne!

*Spain won, although Cesc didn’t shine as expected. But it’s okkay, Adik. We still love you!

*And he dedicates the win to Arsenal fans! Geez, make him captain already!

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