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There’s just so much drama in Malaysian politics! I’ve been refreshing Malaysiakini every half an hour for updates on Bala’s SD. Takde life sungguh. But that’s what holidays are for anyway.:P

I couldn’t agree more with this particular excerpt from Michelle Yoon’s blog :

It’s not only about the men (Najib, Anwar, Pak Lah, RPK, Aziz Buyong, Bala, Musa Hassan, Abdul Gani Patail), the women (Altantuya, Rosmah, “Amy”, Norhayati) and the explosives (C4, of course) anymore.

It’s not just about them. It’s about us. It’s about how we understand the situation at hand. It’s about how we, as a society, will handle this issue. It’s about how we react.

It doesn’t matter if you support BN, or UMNO, or PAS, or Pakatan Rakyat, or just Anwar. It doesn’t matter, because this is a fall for us all. Yes, it has made Najib look bad, it has made the government look bad. But in the same breadth, it has made Malaysia look bad.

It is about Malaysia, about us as Malaysians. It is about how we take this fall, and how we will stand back up again. It’s about where we go from here.

Heads will roll, whether we the Rakyat like it or not.

God save Malaysia. Nuff said.

On the other hand, a certain Malaysian blogger still has her sense of humour intact. Check out Lily‘s take on the latest debacle in Malaysian politics.

Damn funny wei.


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