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Kids. Eugh.

I am still basking in the warm glow of relief that ObGyn has ended. Woo hoooo! It was one hell of a ride (read: Hectic nak mampus), but Alhamdulillah all went well. This might sound strange, but I kinda miss pregger mommies. Hehe.

Moving on.

I’ve been searching highs and lows for these.

Toys R Us, Toycity, Jusco Kids Department, Carrefour Kids Department – you name it. They’re either sold out, or replaced with fancy plastic blocks. I need wooden blocks in 3x3x3 cm size, so if anybody comes across these in any department store, please inform me!


P/S: This isn’t maternal instincts kicking in ok. Wekkkkk. Hopefully I’ll survive Paediatrics!


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