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The Inauguration

So today’s THE day.

For “Hope” and “Change“. Or whatever they call it these days.

I wonder if he still has some Hussein left in him…


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This is the ultimate wake-up call. If the sight of our fellow Muslims being slaughtered does not jumpstart your inner perspectives, then I don’t know what will.

I wish I have enough knowledge and flair needed to write a hefty post about the Gaza massacre, but I obviously don’t.

What I am capable of doing though, is to get YOU to do the following:

  1. Continuous du’aa for our brothers and sisters. Never underestimate the power of a du’aa, yo.
  2. Spread awareness about the war against Palestine and Baitul-maqdis. Let the issue be known to your friends, family members and other acquaintainces.
  3. Monetary contribution. (Online banking sure comes in handy these days!) You can do so through MERCY Malaysia, CIMB: 14240006561053 or Aman Palestin Berhad, Bank Islam: 12029010047880 or Maybank: 562263010787.

Let’s do our part, people! This disproportionate retaliation from the Israelis have got to stop! May Allah have mercy upon our fellow Muslims and aid them in their struggles. Ameen.

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