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Why I Like Weekends. Or Not.

I’ve been tagged by THE NoktahHitam! Woooot! How very…..rewarding (as he puts it). Thanks, nonetheless.

Anyhoo, I’m pretty sure everyone has their own love/hate relationship with weekends. Nowadays that I’m living in a hostel, I really look forward to weekends as I get to go back to Banting woohoooouu! Yes, the small suburbia an hour away from KL where people aren’t dressed to the nines and things move at a slightly slower pace. But ultimately, where the HEART (and home) is. 🙂

And by being home, I get to spend time with the family unit! It doesn’t matter if it’s a day of grocery shopping with Mama or a random girl talk with Kakak or breakfast over some Milo and toast with Abah. Every second counts, and I want to spend as much time possible with them before I get jetted off to some faraway place for work in 2 years time and before I grow up into a completely different person later. 😦

Catching up on sleep is definitely on top of my to-do list during weekends. Imagine the routine 4-5 hours of sleep every weekday (filled with exam nightmares too! Scary kan kan?), and the drill that follows upon waking up – classes, ward work, revision, etc. By Friday I’ll be completely drained to the core, hence the need to sleep (excessively) during weekends.

Oh and how could I not mention the idiot box. I seriously need my weekly dose of E! News, reruns of movies, and EPL matches to keep my sanity intact. Speaking of which, Arsenal lost their first game of the season to Fulham yesterday. Damn. Note to the gaffer, please please pleaseeeeee buy a quality midfielder nowwww or risk losing the title! Again! Pffttttttttttttttt.

But if I have something on at Uni and decide to spend the weekend in KL, I’ll either be in some mall watching movies, or you can find me gabbing and munching with a bunch of friends around town. I usually spend Friday nights outside but I don’t do parties, clubs, or anything of that sort though, thank you. I try my best to avoid the long queues in the mall, as well as the heavy traffic that proves too much for my manual Kancil’s liking.

Perhaps the only other thing I hate about weekends is that they lead to Mondays. Evidently, my weekends are usually unproductive so you can imagine how hectic my Sunday nights are. I’ll be frantically trying to finish up assignments if any, and revise whatever needs to be revised before another rough week comes along.

Which is exactly what I’m doing right now!!!!

Arghhhhhhhhhhh fark Sundays! And Mondays too, for that matter.



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